Write your first web page

Yes, you are going to write your very first web page. First create a new file, give a name first.html,
here .html is the extension of the file which you created and all html file should have this file format .html, when you create a file using this extension then you will look the icon of that file is changed by your web browser icon. If it occur then you have completed the first step.

Now open that file first.html which you created a few seconds ago. Start typing these line


This is my first web page.


Save the file & run it. Congratulations You see your first web page.

What you need to start html

Since you have a computer and you are reading this post so you have a web browser( Google Chrome, FireFox etc. ), and by default you have a text editor like notepad in your computer. You need only these two things to start learning html

  • A web browser – Google Chrome, FireFox etc.
  • A text editor – notepad, notepad++ etc

Browser: personally I like to use google chrome but its up to you. You can use any web browser.
Editor: its good to start with notepad for a beginner, but you can use notepad++ for your convenience but I don’t support any other rich editor like sublime, atom, brackets for a beginner. So please start with notepad or notepad++. you can download notepad++ from here.