Learn Web Development

Hey you are here to learn web development. yeah it is too easy to learn. Just you have to follow few steps

yeah you have completed the basic part of web development. now you are a web developer, But you should enhance your skill to make you happy or get a better job. you can learn now…

  • Step – 3: Do a project using html & css
  • Step – 4: Learn Javascript Basics
  • Step – 5: Learn php basics
  • Step – 6: Do a project using html, css, javascript & php

Great, you are a good web developer. you can start now. By this time you can make you fit for the competitive world, don’t worry its too easy, follow the steps bellow.

  • Step – 7: Learn WordPress Basics
  • Step – 8: Learn Responsive Design & start use Bootstrap
  • Step – 9: WordPress Theme Development
  • Step – 10: A Few WordPress tricks

yeah, you are a very good web developer. you are able to build a super website now.